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Healing Hearts Domestic Violence Support Group is an online support group created and managed by women who are survivors of domestic abuse. The group serves to provide a safe haven for women of domestic violence to share their experiences without fear of judgement or shame. Within the group, women receive free mentoring, emotional support, educational courses, recreational activities, and resources.

We understand that making the decision to leave an abusive relationship is a very difficult one. However, after many women put forth the effort to leave, they end up returning to their abusers due to lack of financial support. So, to avoid having any woman or child return to a life threatening environment, it is necessary to have resources available to them when they are needed.

Healing Hearts Domestic Violence Support Group has implemented a Financial Assistance Program to help provide essential items for women and children who find themselves suffering from financial hardship after leaving their abuser. Being able to provide this form of assistance is crucial because every domestic violence case must be treated as a matter of life or death. 


Please give and help save a life.

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