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Online Support Group

Healing Hearts Online Domestic Violence Support Group is a highly secure, women's only group for domestic violence victims/survivors to share their experiences in an open, honest, judgement free, and safe space that provides fun, educational, and effective support.

Women Volunteers

Outreach Program

Our outreach program serves members and the public by promoting domestic violence awareness. We assist our members by helping them secure safe housing and temporary financial assistance. 

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Online Support Group Meetings

We offer weekly online support group sessions that help educate, build self-esteem, and break cycles  of abuse. Meetings are private and all information shared is confidential.

Holding Hands

Intervention Services

Through our intervention services, we are able to link victims with individual advocates/organizations to assist with social, civil,  and human needs.


Mentorship Program

We offer our members a free 8 week mentorship program that is designed to educate victims of domestic violence and help them overcome their trauma.

College Students

Prevention Services

Our prevention services program was designed to bring awareness to and educate youth in an attempt to combat dating/relationship violence and human trafficking.

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