What's Wrong With You?

Many people kept asking me, "What's wrong with you? Are you ok?" When I'd inquire why they asked, they'd tell me that I'm not the same. That I'm acting different. Acting funny. I really didn't understand why they kept asking these questions or making these assumptions. I was fine. Actually, better than I had ever been. Then, one day it hit me. Healing can look a lot like aggression.

In healing, you realize that you can't change your problems so you start changing the way you deal with them. You learn to let go of what you can't control and start taking control of what you can...YOU!! Instead of being moved by situations, you're now just moving in silence. You're no longer bothered by foolishness. You're cutting off negativity and doing what pleases you. You're isolating yourself not because you're being forced to but because you have found that your peace is more important than companionship. You're enforcing boundaries and speaking your truth. You go where you want to go and you say, "No" when you want to say, "No." Now, everybody around you thinks there's something wrong with you.

Yes, healing can look a lot like aggression. Because you're finally putting yourself first. You're feeling yourself and loving you. You're finding your strength and your confidence. You're recreating yourself and living your best life ever. Some people are not happy about it. They are complaining. Why? Because the healed version of you is unfamiliar and uncomfortable territory for those who were benefiting from your brokenness.

It's ok. Heal anyway!!

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