Suffering in Silence

When I was going through my first domestic abuse experience, I was so ignorant and naive. I tolerated the abuse because I was young and clueless. I just didn't know any better. Nobody in my family ever told me about domestic abuse. None of my teachers ever taught me that it was wrong. Better yet, they never even told me that such a thing existed.

Growing up, I remember hearing people talk about a certain woman in the community and how her husband was always beating her. I'd hear people saying how stupid she was for staying. Sometimes, they even made jokes about it. I never heard anyone speak against it. They talked about it like it was just one of those things that happen in a marriage. You know...those private things that nobody dared to talk about. People spoke about it as if it was the norm. And so it was.

Now imagine...many years later, when I found myself being beat up by my husband, what was I supposed to do? Who was I supposed to tell? What did I expect anyone to do to help me? Besides, nobody ever helped that other woman. And there was no way I wanted to end up being the topic of the community gossip like her. I witnessed her being privately ridiculed. If they talked about her, they'll talk about me, too. Those were the thoughts that kept going through my mind. So I remained silent!!

I remained silent for far too long. I lied and covered up the abuse. I suffered alone. I greeted people with a forced smile to hide the pain. Years of pretending. Years of misery. But eventually, I found the courage to say something. I broke the silence. Now, I'm helping others to do the same.

No matter what it feels like...YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

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