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Free 8-Week Mentorship Program

The Healing Hearts Foundation is offering a free 8-week mentorship program to members of Healing Hearts Domestic Violence Support Group. The program was created especially for women victims/survivors of domestic violence.

The Mentorship Program consists of 4 stages. Those stages are preparation, negotiating, enabling growth, and closure. Below is an outline of the course topics covered in the mentorship program.

1) Introduction of mentor and mentee

2) Recognizing and dealing with abuse

3) Methods of healing after the abuse

4) Setting​ specific and realistic goals

5) Independent living strategies

6) Practicing self-care

7) Building confidence and self worth

​8) Choosing and engaging in healthy relationships

The first term of the Mentorship Program began on July 18. Those participating in the Mentorship Program have made a commitment to take their healing to the next level. They are ready to turn struggles into strength and pain into purpose.

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