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Maketha VeShette

A Message From Our Founder



I'm Maketha VeShette, Founder and CEO of The Healing Hearts Foundation. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and adult domestic abuse. As a result of my abuse, I suffered from many years of mental anguish, depression, and anxiety. A fear of shame, judgement, ridicule, and humiliation caused me to remain silent about my experiences for more than 30 years. I had no support, no encouragement, and no inspiration, which made me feel that my life was no longer worth living. I felt that I was hopeless and lost until I had a revelation from God that changed my life.


Through my faith and prayer, I found the strength and courage to open up and talk about my experiences. It was then that I came to recognize that there are so many other women who suffer from the exact same trauma that vexed me for so many years. Fortunately, by communicating about my experiences, I noticed a healing take place within myself and in the lives of those with whom I shared my story. It was through this interaction that I came to know my purpose and receive healing from my past. I felt driven to reach out to more and more women hoping that I could help others heal. In my attempt to fulfill my purpose, I committed my life to being a mentor and advocate for women and children of domestic violence.


In February 2020, I started a podcast called The Healing Station. This platform was designed to be an outlet for women to share their stories of trial and triumph to help inspire, encourage, and empower other women. Through the podcast, I realized how many more women suffered in silence just as I had in the past. I also came to understand that their suffering was being concealed because they did not have the courage to openly talk about their traumas. I was determined to establish a safe, secure environment where they didn’t have to fear being judged or ridiculed. In September 2020, with much support and encouragement from my business partner, Naomi Tesfaslassie, I created a private Facebook group called Healing Hearts Domestic Violence Support Group. The group provides a private, secure, fun, and judgement free space where women of domestic violence can receive support and encouragement as well as financial assistance and effective resources.


Managing the online support group and being a mentor to the members of the group, allowed me to learn about many different circumstances these women face and helped me to become even more aware of their needs. My desire to meet the needs of these women led me to begin The Healing Hearts Foundation. The organization was created to provide much needed human/family violence support to those who suffer from domestic abuse. Our mission is to help women turn their struggles into strength and their pain into purpose. We will accomplish this goal by providing mentoring, advocacy, intervention, support groups, outreach, and a myriad of other services and resources designed to help free women and their children from their abusers and assist them in pursuing healthy, happy lives.

Maketha VeShette

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When a woman understands her purpose, she begins to understand her worth. When a woman understands her worth, she begins to understand her power. When a woman understands her power, she then possesses the ability to birth into existence a world changing phenomenon that flows from within and spreads throughout nations.

Maketha VeShette

Our Mission

Our Mission

Turning struggles into strength and pain into purpose.

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Our Vision & Goal

To help millions of women around the world in gaining back their sense of self and moving forward to living happy, healthy, independent lives after abuse. We will strive to provide our members with effective support as well as the adequate skills/experience necessary to help them break cycles of abuse, rebuild self esteem, transform their lives, and become the person they were created to be.

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